Grow In Your Faith

Jesus' call to "Follow me" is an invitation to begin a lifelong journey to explore and apply God's Word, grow in maturity, love our neighbors, share our faith and, ultimately, become more like Him. G.R.O.W. Points is a pathway to intentionally connect and live out your faith at The Woodlands Methodist Church. No matter where you are in your faith, we are excited to journey with you.

Gather in Community

We are created for community. Biblical community is essential to our spiritual growth and where we engage God's word, support, encourage and serve one another. From Bible Studies to Connect Classes to Home Groups and more, life change happens best in community.

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Raise Up

As followers of Jesus, we have a story to tell about a God who called us into saving faith. Our stories are as different as the people who tell them, but what they have in common are relationships and people who played an essential role in our faith. In the same way that Jesus invested in the earliest disciples, we now invest in others by sharing our faith, mentoring, teaching and leading.

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Outward Focus

When Jesus was asked the most important commandment for us to follow, he made it simple. Love God and love your neighbor. He modeled the kind of servant love that compels us to serve sacrificially in our church, homes, communities and world. From greeting on a Sunday morning to serving in Children's Ministry to local and global missions, we understand that our lives have great purpose and can make a difference in the lives of others.

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Walk With God

Each day is an opportunity to grow in our relationship with God. Our faith journey is a walk where we commit to following Jesus closely through worship, prayer and spiritual disciplines (practices). Our relationship with God is deeply personal, but it's also communal. We worship with our lives, and we also worship together on the weekends. We pray personally, but there is also great power in praying together. When we walk closely with God throughout our faith journey, evidence of life transformation is noticeable to us and others.

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