As followers of Jesus, we have a story to tell about a God who called us into saving faith. Our stories are as different as the people who tell them, but what they have in common are relationships and people who played an essential role in our faith. In the same way that Jesus invested in the earliest disciples, we now invest in others by sharing our faith, mentoring, teaching and leading.

Share Your Stories

One of the most effective ways to tell someone about the love of Jesus Christ is to simply tell our story. We are a people who learn best from the stories of others. Our authenticity helps someone else know that they are not alone in their struggles and that there is hope and life in following Jesus. Everyone has a story – share yours.

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People who can provide vision and direction for others to follow help ministries move forward with purpose. All of us benefit from courageous leadership pointing the way to Christ.

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At different times in our life, we all need someone who can listen and guide as we navigate difficult situations. A mentor is someone who can walk beside us and provide spiritual perspective and insight into these challenges, helping our faith grow. Our faith is also strengthened when we share and guide others.

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