Seminary Scholarship Program

Have you felt the call into ministry and want to pursue a seminary degree? The TWMC Foundation is pleased to offer a scholarship program for qualified students.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Seminary program accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS)
  • TWMC members, preference given to students seeking ordained ministry (should be sponsored by PPRC)
  • Full-time students, and part-time students with minimum of 2 classes/semester (must be degree-seeking)
  • $2000/semester (full-time) and $1000/semester (part-time)
  • Scholarship may be renewed online each semester, subject to documentation indicating successful completion of previous coursework and satisfactory grades (Must maintain a B or higher average).

Application deadlines:

  • August 5 for Fall Semester
  • January 5 for Spring Semester

For more information, contact Shelley Guthrie.


This is my first semester at Truett Seminary and I am so grateful to the Foundation for the opportunity to be able to attain a master's in Theology and Sports Studies. It is such an exciting journey to be able to bridge these two dynamics to impact God’s kingdom. Thank you to everyone for your generosity in supporting the TWMC Foundation which allows so many students the chance to pursue their ministry and service to others.

Carrie Aman

I am extremely blessed and grateful to be a recipient of scholarship from the Foundation. Since January of 2023, my studies at Truett Seminary have thoroughly enriched my comprehension of the Christian faith, history and Scriptures, and given me a network of brothers and sisters to glean from and partner with to enjoy this sacred journey together. Each week, I am able to apply new insights from my seminary work to my duties at TWMC, bettering my ministry to the students and adult leaders of Confirmation and TWMS. The Foundation has greatly aided in affording my education, giving me an ease of mind as I dedicate my life to advancing God’s kingdom through my current realm of service and study. I offer a sincere word of appreciation to all those who have contributed financially and prayerfully to my success and growth as a servant of the Lord in this season of my life!

John Kropinak

Embarking on this journey into seminary was a significant step for me, one filled with both excitement and apprehension. Throughout the process though, I have come out with a deeper appreciation of God’s word and of the church. It has truly been a season of growth, where I have not only gained academic knowledge but also experienced a deep spiritual formation. The financial assistance provided by the TWMC Foundation scholarship has been an incredible blessing that has allowed me to fully immerse myself into studies without having to stress about the finances behind the studies. Your generosity has empowered me to focus on what truly matters – deepening my understanding of God's calling and preparing myself for ministry. I am filled with gratitude for the generosity of the Foundation and the members who give to support theological education. Your investment in students like myself is a testament to your dedication to cultivating the next generation of church leaders. I would not be where I am without your support and am deeply thankful for the opportunities it has afforded me.

Diego Mercado

I am currently completing my first full year of seminary at Truett Seminary-Houston, seeking a Master of Arts in Christian Ministries with an emphasis in youth and families. I am so humbled by the opportunity to deepen my personal faith journey while receiving an education that directly impacts my career at TWMC in NextGen Kids. I cannot thank the foundation enough as without these scholarships school would not be a reality for me. Your generosity of providing for my education has a ripple effect down to future generations of leaders here at TWMC, as I am able to use my educational journey to pour back into our kids and their families. I am forever grateful for who the members of the TWMC foundation are as kingdom builders and the impact they make in our church community.

Alyssa Porter

Thanks to The Woodlands Methodist Church Foundation Scholarships, attending Truett Seminary became a reality for me in 2019. As I near the end of my seminary journey, I am forever grateful to the Foundation for investing in my theological education and am proud of every young seminary student we are raising up at TWMC into pastoral ministry.

Mark Swayze

I have been so grateful to receive such lavish support from our TWMC foundation as I continue to forage in my seminary journey. The scholarship has helped me immensely with books, classes, and more. Four years ago, if you had mentioned I would go to seminary, I would have thought you were crazy. But it has been one of the most incredible journeys of my life, and I am so grateful to do it with so many amazing friends and colleagues. Every Monday, we come together and are formed more in the image of Christ. Thank you for sowing into the foundation and the next generation.

Jonah Robson